The mere thought of solo traveling is inspirational enough to get yourself discovered. In the long lost race of this world, a chance to find yourself. A chance to feel proud and happy, a well deserved chance to say ‘kudos’ to yourself!

“I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person.” – Oscar Wilde

1) Be selfish! No need to go by the plans/interests of anyone else. Your paths are laid by freedom and flexibility. And you can easily satisfy your ego by not begging your friends to make plans with you just coz you are in the mood to travel.

2) Discover yourself! Ever thought what the purpose of your life is? Ever took out some time exclusively for yourself? Its your chance to get to know the real you and find your real happiness. For all the creative ideas and projects you had the inspiration within, make it work now by taking the solo traveling venture.

3) The experience of solo traveling! Its yours, only yours. No one has the right to have any part in it. Getting something specifically handpicked definitely makes us feel special, isnt it? Your share of giftpacked box of happiness, memories and experiences is awaiting you.

solo traveling advantages

4) Do not get judged! People will be having their opinions about rights and wrongs all your life. But its only you who decide for yourself. Any decision of your life which does not hurt anyone, is the right decision. Go for it!

5) Confidence and independence are some of the ingredients for success recipes! Get them served straight to your plates by taking up a solo travel venture. Coz when you decide to travel alone, confidence boosters aligns themselves all over your journey.

6) Meet strangers, make new companions, listen to the stories of others! Pause for a moment and think.. What else is this whole human life about? Meeting people and making conversations.. isnt it? Why not doing it the best way then!

solo traveling advantages

7) Saves money! No matter even if you plan your trip towards the last days of month. You will be having enough of credits, just for yourself. As you might not in the position of planning of a luxurious getaway. Spending some peaceful nights outside your city or having some basic meals wont hurt your pocket much.

8) Get outside of your comfort zone! Trying the same thing over and over again makes it dull and who wants to live a boring life? Overcome your fears and insecurities, compete with yourself and come as a clear winner. Make yourself proud and do something worthwhile.

9) A better traveler and a happier you! Research suggests that getting into vacation mode has the potential to increase our happiness levels. Turn on your happiness mode and get on with a journey of your inner satisfaction.

solo traveling advantages

10) Better decision making capabilities! Solo traveling prepares you for taking better decisions in your life. The simple funda is to clear your head of all the stupid stuff going on in the life and creating the much-needed space to think it right.

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