Everyone does trekking for different reasons. Some to test their limit, some for adventure, some of get fit and some to tick off an item from their bucket-list. I do treks to motivate myself. Every time I chose a trek, I spend a significant amount of time in thinking what to pack and what no. Despite having packed for trekking countless times, packing is still a back-breaking task for me.

So I have created this master list from different sources on internet. This master trek checklist pretty much covers all the things any trekker needs on a trek. However, you can consider adding or removing to this list based on number of days and the weather condition at the trek place.

1. Rucksack (50 L or above) and Rucksack cover
2. Trekking Boots
3. Hiking Pole
4. UV Protected Sun Glasses
5. Arm Band (to protect from sun burn)
6. Light weight towels
7. 1 Fleece Jacket and 1 Wind & Water Resistant Jacket
8. Sleeping Bag
9. Tent
10. Cooking Utensils & Stove
11. Fuel
12. Food (Noodles/ Pasta/ Soup)
13. Lighter and Matchboxes
14. 2 water bottles (each of 1 liter)
15. Sanitizer and Tissue roll ( Toilet)
16. Thermal wear (Base Layer)
17. Bandana
18. Flash lights
19. Power Bank, 2 Pin Charger and 1 USB cable
20. Sleeping Mattress (Foam/Rubber)
21. Offline maps & image maps (OsmAnd/ Google/ Here Maps)
22. Dry food items
23. Moisturizing cream
24. Monkey Cap and fleece cap
25. Woolen gloves
26. Ropes
27. Pair socks and inner wears
28. Lower and shorts (1 each)
29. Candy bars
30. Rain cover
31. Poly bags
32. Binoculars (optional)
33. Tooth brush, tooth paste and soap
34. Military Knife
35. Anti Fungal Powder and Personal first-aid kit
36. Head Lamp
37. Watch
38. Water purifier or chlorine tabs
39. Night Lamp
40. Bear Spray / Pepper Spray for Safety
41. Gaiters
42. Camp sandal
43. Extra batteries
44. Crampons and ice axe (if required)
45. Anti Mosquito cream
46. 1 side bag for handy items
Always avoid unnecessary items which are heavy and of less use. Keep your backpack light.

If you thing I have missed anything, please share with us in comments.

Source: Letusgoto